what we do

the following are samples of our services available to you. Whether you are the end user and don’t want to know about the intermediate processes or whether you are in the graphic arts business and need one or more of our individual services, we are there for you

offset printing

taking advantage of the most advanced 6 colour offset printing press in the country we can deliver any offset printed job in the shortest possible time and at a quality most think is imported. With our in-house A1 pre-press facilities we are in full control of the workflow and the quality of our print jobs

digital printing

we have the most advanced digital print department in the country with four professional digital printing machines that deliver outstanding speed and the highest quality available
with this we can deliver short run jobs without the expense of offset printing or rush jobs at a speed impossible with offset printing. Ideal for business cards and events material such as A3 posters, brochures, profiles, handouts etc

print finishing

we are the innovators of ultra thin matte and glossy lamination of printed material such as book covers etc and our A1 laminator will give you the highest quality and fastest turnover time on your job
imagine a heading or a logo in gold, silver or any other metallic colour on a business card or a brochure, we can give you this with our new hot foiling equipment.

graphic design

winner of “Best Designed Calender” three years in a row speaks volumes about our creative design team. Our creativity is coupled to in depth technical knowledge that ensures that what you see in the final product is what you expect
design awards